Londoneer: Pretty Flowers and Little Lambs, Urban Style

I went for a walk down to Brick Lane and over to Columbia Road flower market with a friend today. It gave me a chance to indulge in a bit of gratuitous photography, including some great examples of urban art:

We also wandered around Hackney City Farm for a while, which I’ve visited before, but this time the brand new lambs were tottering about- they must have been born in the last week or so – everyone say ah 🙂

We finished up at the Flea Pit coffee shop/bar/performance space on Columbia Road, and left very disappointed. We were served by an extremely sullen waitress and had a *ten minute* wait for two very mediocre coffees. If you happen to be down this way on a Sunday morning I’d patronise one of the many other venues around – not this place… being “organic” is no excuse for absolutely attrocious service.