The Superbreak London Theatre Guide

I’ve just discovered a cute little pocket guide for tourists visiting the theatres in the West End for the first time, produced by Superbreak, who provide online packages for stays in London and Europe – the Superbreak London Theatre Guide.

There’s a handy map in the guide showing the majority of theatres in the West End, and what’s currently playing at each venue, as well as useful advice about booking tickets, interval drinks, etiquette and where to go for supper after the show. I wouldn’t take the advice about how to dress that seriously though – the guide suggests ‘dressing to impress’ which is a nice thing to do if you want to make it feel like a special occasion, but I tend to watch musicals in the same clothes that I turn up to just about every other event in – jeans and trainers/sneakers – and I haven’t been shown the door yet!

There are one or two omissions from the guide which I’ve spotted, and which coincidentally are also shows that I’ve reviewed on the blog in the last month or so – neither the Judy Garland show, ‘End of the Rainbow‘, at the Trafalgar Studios on Whitehall or the new show ‘Love Story‘ at the Duchess Theatre, are mentioned. Funnily enough, the latter has been all over the broadcast news in the last few days as it starts its official run in the West End.

Well it is only version 1.0 of the guide, so I’m sure there will be opportunities to improve it. You can download a copy of the Superbreak Theatre Guide here.